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QINEO NexT 602 Premium

QINEO NexT 602 Premium

MIG/MAG Pulsed arc welding power source up to 600 ampere for automated welding

QINEO NexT-602 Premium for automated welding

The QINEO NexT Premium has all important components and functions "on board" so that you are perfectly prepared for the future. The heart of the QINEO NexT is an inverter power unit developed by CLOOS which clocks with a high frequency. This allows an even better arc control for excellent results: The unique welding characteristics enable you to solve complex welding tasks perfectly. A multitude of optional components and functions make the QINEO NexT to be your individual power source - exactly how you need it for your tasks of automated welding.

  • High-quality inverter technology for excellent weld quality
  • Robust housing and user-friendly operation guarantee a high availability
  • Prepared for all commonly used standard interfaces
  • The Premium operating module, designed for the highest level of welding
  • A wide range of accessories guarantees that the QINEO NexT can be adapted to your needs
Construction form
External wire drive
Welding current
20 A - 600 A
Welding current 60% duty cycle
600 A / 44 V
Welding current 100% duty cycle
500 A / 39 V
Open circuit voltage
80 V
Mains voltage
380 V - 480 V / 50 Hz / 3-ph
Connection cable
4 x 10 mm┬▓
Mains protection/400V
50 A
Type of protection
IP 23
Insulation class
Type of cooling
Dimensions L/W/H (without wire
819 x 348 x 498 mm
Weight (without wire drive)
67 kg