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Cold Weld
  • Excellent welding results due to a directionally stable MIG/MAG AC pulsed arc
  • Shorter welding times because of high deposition rate
  • Optimum material characteristics due to controllable heat input
  • Avoidance of reworks thanks to minimised component distortion
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-nickel
  • Steel
  • Press-hardened steel materials
  • Complex aluminium and chrome-nickel components up to t = 4 mm
  • Root welding at magnetised steel components
  • Aluminium extrusion / Casting alloy
  • Hot-crack sensitive materials

Cold Weld - Welding with minimum heat input

Due to the optimum heat input, Cold Weld is perfectly suitable for  demanding materials. Cold Weld combines a pulsed arc arc with AC technology. Due to the adjustable AC part you can individually control the heat input into the component. With Cold Weld you can get higher welding speed as you increase the deposition rate at a lower heat input. The optimum heat input has a positive effect on the component and material characteristics. You keep the original material properties because of the minimised heat input. You reduce the component distortion and avoid extensive reworks. You compensate material tolerances due to the good gap bridging ability. Do you wish to reduce your production costs for demanding materials and to increase the quality at the same time? Then rely on Cold Weld by CLOOS!



Process Video
Process Video

Cold Weld in action

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CLOOS Cold Weld
CLOOS Cold Weld
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