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Henan Junton


Interlinked system with automatic storage system

Commercial vehicle specialist Henan Junton Vehicle welds crane supports and smaller slewing towers in a highly complex interlinked system. The system consists of four QIROX QRC-410-E welding robots and a storage system. The fixtures are loaded manually. The employee then scans the barcode on the fixture. First, it is temporarily stored in the storage system. As soon as the appropriate welding robot is available, a carriage mounted on a floor track picks up the component and brings it to the welding station. After the welding process, the carriage picks up the component again and stores it temporarily for cooling. As soon as the component has cooled down, it is automatically transported to the unloading station. After unloading, the empty fixture is transported back to the interim storage area. Thanks to the automated logistics solution, errors due to incorrect component allocation can be completely avoided. This saves Junton an enormous amount of time, space and costs. Cycle times have also been significantly reduced.

Henan Junton